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  • 64 Bit
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The Ultimate Monitoring Setup

Your ears. The most important gear you own. When processing and manipulating sound, getting the most helpful feedback from your studio monitors and headphones is of paramount importance. What use is that shiny new compressor you bought if you can’t accurately hear what it’s doing? How do you know that you’re setting it up right?

Perspective lets you turn your monitors into other coveted studio monitors, cars, and consumer electronics with unprecedented accuracy, at the touch of a button, and without ever leaving the sweet spot! While you’re at it, test your mixes on the road with road ambience recordings, hear your work on the airwaves with the radio simulation, and communicate with your talent through the fully functional talkback feature. All in one super-loaded, hyper-accurate plugin.

Get Perspective On Your Sound

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  • ADM 7
  • ACT 25
  • Canadaville 6
  • Canadaville 8
  • Car
  • Dynamic BM 5-6
  • EMAS Violentt
  • Focus 65
  • Focus 6 Twin
  • Gelec 8040
  • Hardboiled
  • Japan Classic
  • Japan Modern 8/80
  • Laptop
  • Mix Square
  • NewMann 120
  • Revealer 5
  • Smartphone
  • SUV
  • TV
  • Yellow Pro 8
  • Yellow Rocket 6
  • Yellow Rocket 8

*Speaker models will be added periodically and all updates will be free to owners of Perspective.

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Subwoofer Compatible
Car and consumer speaker simulations
Talkback in your DAW
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Perspective Videos

I finally get to work on my favourite speakers at any studio, regardless of whether they have them or not. I also use Perspective to monitor through speakers I’ve never heard before for a new sonic… perspective! Love the radio feature too.
- Derek Hoffman (The Trews, Silverstein, The Elwins, Donovan Woods)
If you think your mix sounds good, you haven't used Perspective. A quick check of where my levels sit on different playback devices is how I make sure my mixes sound the way I want them to sound everywhere, not just in the studio.
- Tokyo Speirs (Walk off the Earth, USS)
I’m really impressed with how Perspective gets the essence of monitors I want without needing a wall of expensive speakers. I also love having a centre-section with me even outside of the conventional studio environment.
- John “Beetle” Bailey (Serena Ryder, Olivia Newton-John, Sultans of String)