System Requirements


  • Windows 7 or later (32 and 64-bit)
  • Dual-Core Intel or AMD Processor (Quad-Core recommended), 4GB RAM
  • Plugin Formats: VST2, VST3, AAX


  • macOS 10.7 or later (32 and 64-bit)
  • Dual-Core Intel Processor (Quad-Core recommended), 4GB RAM
  • Apple Silicon installation through Rosetta 2 (native version coming soon)
  • Plugin Formats: AudioUnit, VST2, VST3, AAX



Is Perspective compatible with Reason?

Yes! Perspective and all future Oscillot plug-ins are compatible with Reason on versions 9.5 and later. Visit for more info on VST support in Reason.

Do you offer educational discounts for instructors and students?

We do! We offer single-license discounts for individuals, as well as bulk discounts for classrooms. All we require is a registered student or faculty ID for review. Contact us to request a discount code.

Do I need to own professional studio monitors to use Perspective?

Not necessarily. Admittedly, when working with audio, it is recommended that the engineer uses professional monitors. These monitors should ideally have as flat of a frequency response as possible from at least 50 Hz and up to at least 18 kHz at all reasonable listening volumes. Perspective is most accurate when used with such monitors, especially when their specific model is selected as the hardware (‘H’).

However, Perspective’s speaker simulations are still incredibly useful through almost any monitoring setup. Simply select the ‘No Speaker’ option under the ‘H’ menu to disable the hardware speaker simulation. Furthermore, Perspective’s additional controller features (such as ‘Talkback’) work well regardless of what speakers you are using.
If you ask us, we recommend using flat studio headphones for audio work whenever studio monitors are not available.

My specific monitors are not yet available in Perspective. Can I still use the plug-in?

Yes! This plug-in is designed to help you hear your work. If your specific monitors are not yet available through Perspective, simply select “No Speaker” in the top ‘H’ menu and get to work! The speaker simulation may not be quite as accurate in “No Speaker” mode, but it will still provide incredibly useful insight into your project.

Will new speakers be added to Perspective in future updates? If so, how much will updates cost?

Yes. New speakers will be periodically measured in the lab and added to Perspective. All updates will be free to Perspective owners!

How many machines can I install my Oscillot plug-ins on?

Each Oscillot plug-in purchase can be installed on up to four computers that you own. For more information, please read our full license agreement, available upon checkout.

How do I set up the Talkback function?

Instructions on Talkback setup are available in the video tutorial and in the manual.

Should I bounce / export my audio with Perspective enabled?

We don’t recommend it. Most listeners won’t have your exact monitoring set up. However, there are no hard rules! If you are using Perspective as a “Master Bus Effect” then consider keeping it on.

Does the ‘Room Comp’ button fix my room?

No. Perspective only changes how your speakers behave. The ‘Room Comp’ button automatically corrects Perspective simulation combinations that tend to behave differently in smaller and more live rooms. We recommend keeping this button engaged unless you are working in an anechoic chamber (why would you though?). However, use this function to taste. If you don’t like it, then turn it off.

Why can’t I access certain speaker combinations?

Perspective compensates for your own physical speakers before applying your desired speaker simulations when possible. Unattainable combinations are automatically removed to avoid confusion and speaker damage.

For example: The Mix Square cannot recreate some of the low frequencies the ACT 25 reaches. We recommend using Perspective with at least one set of pro-grade studio monitors or headphones.

Does the Radio simulation recreate radio station compressors and limiters?

No. The Radio function simulates the frequency response changes your signal undergoes during radio broadcast. Dynamic changes vary too much from station to station. We recommend slamming your mix with a limiter for a worst case scenario (make sure to turn the limiter off when you’re done!)

Can I use Perspective for sound design?

Absolutely! Although Perspective was designed mainly as a monitoring tool, it can be very useful in sound design applications. Is a character talking through a cell phone? Throw the cellphone simulation on that track for a super realistic cell phone sound. Is there a TV in the background in your scene? You get the point!

If the FAQ, manual, and tutorial don’t have the information or answers you are looking for, feel free to contact support.